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Erik Westman is not as pretty as he appears.  He spent nine years in the U.S. Coast Guard, conducting Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement missions.  He drove those boats that flip over and self-right.  He was in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  The Coast Guard allowed him the opportunity to do a lot of good things, and he did some.  They gave him medals so he has proof.  He then followed his wife, a Coast Guard Medic, to Valdez, Alaska.   He spent five years teaching safety, emergency response and oil spill related courses across south central Alaska, through Prince William Sound Community College.  Erik learned a lot, earned certifications, and became a good instructor.  He took pride in providing memorable and effective training, often using personal stories to make grown men teary eyed. Following his wife's final Coast Guard transfer to Grand Haven, Michigan, Erik launched WTR.  He aspires to continue his dynamic training to promote safe behaviors and make people cry.


-Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI)   Certified Instructor 

-D2000 Safety     Certified Industrial Rescue Trainer 

-American Red Cross    CPR/First Aid, Wilderness First Responder Trainer



About Us

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